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l’Atelier Folklore


€92,00 EUR

This magnificent unique piece is represents the traditions and the mystical know how from our artisan partners in Chiapas region weaving on traditional backstrap looms.

Many textile products are still made completely with traditional methods, from materials such as wool, cotton thread and natural dyes. This include most handwoven cloth, which is made on backstrap looms. These products are made by women artisans in their own homes in conjunction with other domestic duties, but sometimes these women work in collaboration with others.
Much of the embroidery designs are traditional as well, containing old symbolic images from a syncretism of Mayan and Christian worldviews.

The process to create a single cushion needs around a month.

Approximately 42 x 42 cm

Pink with white.
Pattern embroidered only from the front.

Hand wash, cold water and mild soap, no bleach. No wringing or washing machine. Lay flat to dry. Hot iron okay. OR professionally dry clean.

Please note, irregularities can appear in the weaving and are part of the charm of the craft.

As unique, handmade art, not two items are ever exactly the same and color varies across monitors.

Our website photos are a close representation of this item, but may not be identical to the one you receive.

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