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The Tzotziles conceive the world as a whole and call it heaven-earth or "Vinajel-Balamil". Life develops on the surface of heaven and earth, while the extraordinary life, like that of dreams, exists in the "other heaven-earth".

This superb creation is 100% cotton and weaved on traditional backstrap looms in Chiapas by our artisan partners.
Much of the embroidery designs are traditional, as they contain ancient symbolic images of a syncretism of Mayan and Christian worldview.

The process to create a single cushion needs around a month.

approximately 42 x 42 cm

Gray with white.
Pattern embroidered only from the front.

Hand wash, cold water and mild soap, no bleach. No wringing or washing machine. Lay flat to dry. Hot iron okay. OR professionally dry clean.

Please note, irregularities can appear in the weaving and are part of the charm of the craft.

As unique, handmade art, not two items are ever exactly the same and color varies across monitors.
Our website photos are a close representation of this item, but may not be identical to the one you receive.

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