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€110,00 EUR

These magnificent set is a creation inspired from many of the façades of the historic center of Puebla that are decorated with these tiles, as well as fountains, patios, churches and other buildings, and constitute an important part of Baroque Puebla architecture.
While the colors varied widely, blue was only used on the most expensive works due to the cost of the mineral needed to produce it.

Each piece has been produced and painted in the region purely by hand using dyes that are derived only from minerals that are unique to Puebla.

Our pieces are free of plomb resulting in healthier work environments for our artisan parterns, along with multiple product uses for our clients.

Each set is composed of 4 plates:
large plate: 30 cm across
medium plate: 25 cm across
small plate: 21 cm across
bowl: 18.5 cm across.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Please note, irregularities can appear in the maiolica and are part of the charm of the craft. 

As unique, handmade art, not two items are ever exactly the same and color varies across monitors.

Our website photos are a close representation of this item, but may not be identical to the one you receive.



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